25 Jun 2024
Thought leadership
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Distribute Your News to Top Magazines Yourself with's Integrated Marketplace

by Alex Petrisor


Securing coverage in key publications often relies heavily on personal connections, pay-to-play opportunities, and the value of your content. At, we've seen these challenges from the perspective of clients, agencies, and journalists, which is why we built With its integrated marketplace, it gives you unparalleled access to top magazines and news feeds, making it easier than ever to distribute unique content globally.

Publish with One Click simplifies the publishing process, allowing you to distribute your articles to up to 3,000 global magazines, news feeds, and your Newsroom with a single click. Say goodbye to the hassle of pitching to busy journalists or relying on expensive PR agencies. Our platform ensures that your news reaches an audience of up to 250 million people swiftly and efficiently.

Significant Cost Savings

One of the standout features of is the potential for substantial cost savings. Traditional PR and magazine placements can be prohibitively expensive, often limiting access to large corporations with hefty budgets. democratizes access, offering up to 40% savings on magazine distribution. This means that even small businesses and startups can afford to get their message out on a grand scale.

Secure Free Media Features

Our integrated marketplace not only provides paid placement options but also increases your chances of being featured for free. By placing your content in influential magazines and newsfeeds, you catch the attention of journalists looking for credible sources, significantly enhancing your visibility and credibility.

Flexible, Transparent PR Solution is a pay-as-you-go solution that adapts to your needs. You can manage your budget without being tied to long-term contracts, adjusting the scale of your press release distribution as required. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you always know what you’re paying for, allowing you to customize your distribution strategy effectively.

Rapid Publishing Cycle

Time is of the essence in PR, and understands that. Our direct interface allows for one-click publication to top global magazines, ensuring your news goes live within 24-48 hours. This rapid turnaround keeps your content relevant and timely, crucial for making an impact.

Boost Your Google Rankings

Getting featured in well-known magazines does more than just build credibility; it boosts your search engine rankings. Articles published through help dominate Google's first page, driving more visitors to your website and increasing your online presence.

Build Trust and Attract Clients

Trust is a key factor in converting leads into clients. By appearing in reputable magazines, you not only shape public perception but also build trust with your audience. Each published article serves as a landing page, introducing potential clients to your offerings before they even visit your website.

How to Distribute With 

1. Create Your Article: Use our intuitive editor to create your press release, company update or thought leadership article. Our AI-powered AI News Article Generator Editor helps you generate high-quality content tailored to your needs.

2. Add Visuals and Links: Include high-quality images, engaging videos, or interactive links to make your article stand out. 

3. Select Your Target Publication: Choose from up to 3,000 magazines or packages to place your article where it will have the most impact. Our platform provides recommendations based on your target audience and goals.

4. Rapid Publishing Cycle: Submit your article and it will be published within 24-48 hours. Our efficient process ensures that your news remains timely.

5. Risk-Free Publishing Guarantee: If your press release is rejected by a magazine, we offer an immediate refund. Our goal is to make sure you get the exposure you deserve without any risk.

Why Should You Choose to Distribute With

Publish Your Success: Good news deserves to be shared. makes it easy to broadcast your successes, big or small, and keep your audiences and stakeholders informed and engaged.

Improve Your Company’s Selling Point through Authority: Authority is critical in today's market. Any product is instantly elevated when authoritative information is readily available. The best companies understand and master this, shamelessly announcing even the most mundane updates, knowing that the only bad news is no news at all. 

Why Press Releases Matter, Even on Your Own Page: Clients buy from winners. Publishing your successes builds a narrative of continuous achievement, which is key to guiding prospects through their journey. That's why lets you create your own newsroom with just a few clicks and link it directly to your own page. 

Why Thought-Leadership Matters: Personal branding is becoming increasingly important, not because people like the spotlight, but because it skyrockets revenue with relatively minimal input. This is an undeniable fact, and is the only exponentially compounding weapon that gives you a greater advantage. Not using this compounding money printer is simply a missed opportunity.

The Whole Purpose of

For Agencies: Agencies thrive by doing work businesses either don’t want to do or don’t understand. They build efficient processes that bring great results with minimal effort, allowing them to handle multiple clients simultaneously. helps agencies automate and scale their PR efforts, making it possible to produce the same amount of work with a fraction of the input.

For Businesses: The compound effect of PR increases mental availability. In a world of fast information, you lose if you do not share your successes, ideas, and values. With, you can do this without a large team, a lot of time, or even an error budget. 

Start Now for Free and Experience the Future of PR With

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, said that companies will not lose because of AI, but to companies that use it better. Winning companies will quickly adapt to their environment, look for an unfair competitive advantage, and then implement it as quickly as possible. is designed for flexibility, transparency, and efficiency. Whether you're a startup looking to build brand awareness or an established company looking to maintain market presence, our platform gives you the tools and reach you need to succeed in today's competitive landscape. 

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